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How Do Solar Companies Generate Leads?

The renewable energy sector continues to grow at a rapid rate, with solar energy leading the way. Competition is fierce for homeowners and businesses alike, so when it comes to solar companies, generating leads is key to success. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common methods used to attract potential customers and discuss how they work. We’ll also offer some tips on how you can improve your lead generation efforts. So, whether you’re just starting out in the solar industry or you’re looking for ways to boost your current marketing strategy, read on for some useful information.

SEO for Solar Companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so that it shows up more often in search engine results. This process should be the foundation of any digital marketing strategy for solar companies. As you well know, each day thousands of people search on terms like “residential solar and storage” and “solar providers near me.” These leads – potential customers looking for your services – need to be able to find YOU, be it by phone, your website, your Google Business Profile or some other means of contact.

By optimizing your pages for particular keywords, you can make it more likely to appear in organic search results. For example, homeowners are typically the ones interested in buying them solar panel, so this means that in order to sell your product, you need to rank highly in the search results for keywords related to “homeowners,” “solar panels,” and also any other keywords related to your industry (ie, solar installation and maintenance).

A good place to start is creating an online content marketing strategy that invests in keywords. If you’d like to know more about search engine optimization and how it can help build your business, Tribal Core can help with this!

Local SEO for Solar Companies

Another important aspect of digital marketing that solar companies shouldn’t overlook is Local SEO. This geo-specific SEO work helps get your website seen by targeting users seeking information on services in a specific location. This differs from other types of searches, which are usually aimed at providing information about a specific topic. This geo-targeting provides insight into what customers in a specific location are looking for and can be used to create a campaign that is catered directly to your audience’s needs and desires.

Local SEO campaigns not only help to improve your rankings, they help improve your presence in online business directories and online reviews (ie, Yelp) by updating your listings there. Running an audit to update your listing can help you make the most of what’s already out there and continue to connect with your audience. For more information on how Tribal Core can help you do this, visit this page:

Content Marketing for Solar Companies

Content marketing is the process of adding text or images to your site so potential leads are more likely to find you for the keywords on which they search. Regular blog posts are the best example of this. Blog posts could include fresh content about your company, industry trends, customer stories, guides or charts for customers, and videos/photos of your projects. Well-written and relevant content is the key to a great user experience and establishing your business as an authority in the solar industry. The more content that gets published by your company, the higher you tend to rank. Tribal Core can help improve and expand your website’s current content and/or provide fresh ideas for new content to help you generate leads. Visit our content strategy offering for energy companies here:

Why are Incoming Links Important?

Once you have high quality content on your site, it should be optimized to make it attractive for other sites to link to.  It’s these incoming links (or backlinks) that provide a huge amount of value (or authority). Informed and expert content can give other websites a reason to link to yours. If you create a high quality infographic, for example, others professionals will take notice and link to your site. When you have great content, this gives other sites a reason to link to you which in turn helps to increase your pages’ rankings in search engine results and boost your visibility and bring in more visitors. High quality content that informs readers and looks good to search engines, brings in more visitors just from the power of your website alone.


Hopefully this post has provided you with some valuable insights on how solar companies are generating leads. Now that you have this knowledge, what will your next steps be? If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help your business generate more leads, contact Tribal Core today. We can work together to create an effective lead generation strategy tailored around the needs of your company and industry.

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