SEO Campaign Subscription

$595.00 / month

Our SEO Campaigns start with research. We develop a strategy for Brand focus (to build domain authority) or Content focus (to build page authority), then outreach to relevant, quality blogs, building backlinks to your content. Not ready for a monthly deliverable? We also offer a one-time Campaign.

Our intake process for an SEO Campaign is post-purchase – you will receive an email to collect this information shortly after checkout.


Our SEO Campaigns procure backlinks from relevant, quality blogs within the constraints of maintaining a “natural link profile.” Each campaign is a minimum of 3 authority backlinks, and may be a combination of links to a target page, the home page or related pages, depending on the link profile. Each campaign can either have a Brand focus (to build domain authority) or a Content focus (to boost a specific page). Links are built over the course of 3-6 weeks. Priced at retail rates.